International Labour Law

Cross-border business

One of our professional focuses is on providing comprehensive legal counsel on all central economic and tax issues especially to eastern and central European businesses in their cross-border activities.

In the course of the eastward expansion of the European Union and the increasing focus on the East and Central European markets, we advise and represent the interests both in and out of court of foreign companies, mainly German companies doing business in Poland. We also advise Polish institutions and associations.

We focus on:

  • Providing comprehensive professional support as a legal advisors to eastern and central European business clients during their market entry into the European Union.
  • International employment and labour law
  • Expatriate contracts
  • Issues involving branch-office autonomy and liberty of service provision
  • market entry into Germany and the Eurozone,
  • international employment and labour law,
  • posting of workers,
  • use of sub-contractors,
  • freedom to provide services/freedom of establishment

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Active in this field: